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We make it easy to connect with passionate and like-minded employees to help find the best person for the job. There are a lot of people who want to work in the budding cannabis and hemp industry, but you have to know where to find them! Our candidates believe in the future of the industry - just like you!

#1 Australian Cannabis Job Site.

We are long-time activists who believe that this plant can change the world and the lives of millions of Australians. People are the most important aspect of any successful industry, and we aim to connect you to the right people to ensure that you, and our industry, succeed.

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It's unheard of to list a job for free! Even if you post your job elsewhere, listing for free with Cannabis Jobs is a no-brainer. We also have super competitive pricing for extra features, and special deals for founding members - so get on board now!

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As a special promotion for being among our first customers, we are offering exclusive discounts to founding members. Job listings are purchased with site points, which are currently discounted by 80%! This price won't last long, so purchase now for the future.  



Browse our database of cannabis job seekers.

This is a game changer for recruitment - Why wait for candidates to see your job listing, when you can contact them now. We have created an online cannabis resume listing service where proactive cannabis job seekers are waiting to hear from you. Browse our database for FREE and see if there are any which might suit your business.

Find candidates who love the industry.

The cannabis community has a passionate and dedicated base, which you simply cannot find on SEEK. It can take a lot of training to get this same depth of knowledge and respect for the plant. Many of our candidates dream of working with weed, and are desperate to have a chance to get a foot into the industry - so don't be stuck with the wrong people!

No commision. No worries.

We connect you directly to the candidate, without playing middleman or charging large fees. Searching for employees can be a time-consuming and difficult process - especially with the stigma around cannabis - but at least it won't be expensive!

We help our job seekers be the best.

We are currently building cannabis certification courses for our job seekers to be better cannabis employees. We have learned a lot from the industry in North America and will be passing on this valuable information to our community. These courses will also be available for your current and future employees.

Highering employees.

In the constantly changing cannabis industry, hiring solutions come in all sizes. Does your trim team need short-term help during harvest? Are you a start-up which needs flexible and experienced workers? Is your dispensary short-staffed, yet not ready to hire a full-time employee? Whatever your hiring needs are, we're here to help!

Canberra, let us have our jobs - The industry is ready!

The only thing that stands between us and a huge wave of jobs, business, and investment is the law - which could change very quickly. It's not every day a whole industry is born, practically overnight. we are looking at an imminent global cannabis revolution - and Australia is poised to become a major contender in this new market.