In the USA you're more likely to know or be able to find a weed worker than a dental hygienist. 

If you’re an American living in a legal weed state, more than likely you’d have a better chance of finding someone to recommend, grow and sell you an eighth of Granddaddy Purple Kush before you found the perfect dental hygienist to clean your teeth.
That’s because the legal marijuana industry, whether operating in states with recreational or medical-only laws, might actually employ more people than there are dental hygienists, according to MJ Biz Daily’s annual Marijuana Business Factbook report.
Released in late June, the study by MJ Biz Daily—a business information resource that focuses on retail and revenue surrounding the marijuana industry—found there were 165,000 to 235,000 people already working jobs relating to the weed industry. On the high end, that would mean there are potentially more people employed by the cannabis industry than there are dental hygienists in the U.S., of which only some 204,000 people are employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics....


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